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Racialicious is a damn cool website. It blogs about the internationalities of race and pop culture. I think this is an extremely important topic as a lot of people view issues of race and young women through the media.
For example, in 2007 a father killed her daughter for not wearing the hijab. It hit the news as it became incredibly controversial. Is it right for a society to practice it’s multi-cultural heritage at the cost of a young woman’s life?  This is exactly in the cross sections of the false dichotomous debate of multiculturalism versus women’s rights. The debate becomes sensationalized through news media as people debated the merits of multiculturalism. 
The thing is about the debate between multiculturalism and women’s rights is everyone has an opinion about it. There are some people who believe that we shouldn’t interfere with other cultures and we should just leave it be despite a young girl’s death, other believe we need to have legislature regulating cultures and religions. There are also feminists who would argue that women’s rights should trump all cultural issues.  
But as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it is a false dichotomy. The tragic case begs to wonder what was the voice of the young girl when she was trying on new identities with respect to herself and her relationship to her hijab. This issue isn’t singled out in Islam. In many other cultures and religions we see women’s choices being placed under society’s choice instead of in the hands of women. I believe that young women of colour are coming into their own and these types of travesties will be occuring less. But women of colour need to have ownership over our choices, our thoughts, our decisions and most importantly the media. 
Thanks Racialicious! We appreciate you posting our call for submissions. You’re providing a valuable service and good luck!

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